25 ml of rain and the crops are jumping out of their skins!

Today’s Adventure: This week’s diary is full of things to see and do.

Jam Fact: My mind is happy when it is fully occupied.

It’s all happening here in my part of the world.

I am one very happy UNYOUNG.  Lots of comments on my winning photo, a new subscribe button on my BLOG, a new really swish haircut …still grey but the style is a bit like my favourite actor Judy Dench’s so that’s a plus in itself, new chic sneakers,[the young lady serving me said I just had to have them] , new trendy pants [as in trousers not undies …same thing, the saleswoman said I simply had to have them, so I did] and my Lotto ticket won a very small prize…enough to buy another ticket…so yes it is all happening and the week has only just started! 

Last week’s winning big ant photo, was warmly commented on by many and that made this little UNYOUNG JAM feel pretty good indeed.  Most of the credit for my interest and ability to even take a snapshot comes from my good friend S …Now there’s a lady who can take fantastic photos. 

You may also notice that my BLOG has a subscribe button – there for whoever wants to use it. I am ever humbled by the number of people who do actually click in and read my ‘adventure tales’ – The BLOG started out as ‘depression therapy’ after my heart attack and it is continuing to keep me on the good side of happy every day so it has made my counsellor’s work with me a successful venture for which I am eternally grateful.

The young man from http://completedigitaladvantage.com.au/ did a fantastic job in ‘upgrading’  my BLOG and website …it’s been going for a couple of years so of course in this modern tech savvy world, it needed some upgrading tweaks. Not like our 20 year old TV that is still working, no tweaks required… touch wood! [Of course no Netflix or I View etc available but as MY J oft says, I’ve just got use to the wireless, meaning radios in MY J speak – not WIFI as a young man recently thought he was referring to.] So apart from my upgraded BLOG with its new Subscribe Button, we remain happily living here in our very basic technological world. 

Not sure whether I can get a better shot than my Mr Ant photo for this week’s winner but I am going to give it a red hot go because anything less would make this UNYOUNG JAM unhappy and that is so not happening.

Until next time – Methinks that even if I fall on my face, I am still moving forward and that in itself, is a plus.  

New blossoms happening on a gum tree in the drive.

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