The Walking Poles are back in action!

Spotted on an early morning bush walk.

 Today’s Adventure: As I am back in action I thought I would update my old FITBIT.

Jam Fact: I struggle with technology things.

It seems that I still have a lot to learn where technology is concerned. I may understand what my new BLOG button does but I definitely do not have a clear understanding of what or how my new FITBIT update button works.

First though, I must congratulate myself on putting my walking boots back on, gathering up my hiking sticks and spending some time wandering through some local bush areas. I managed in the process, to find some eye-catching wildflowers to take snaps of; walk a good amount of steps and an even better outcome was that I didn’t lose my balance once, so bonus happenings occurring in more ways than one, so I am awarding a ‘well done’ to this little UNYOUNG JAM for her escapades so far this week.

The FITBIT Update sadly, was not as easy as it looked, neither was it entirely successful. It did successfully install on my phone and on my laptop but it sent the actual FITBIT Charge ‘watch’ into meltdown. All that appeared on the watch face after my attempt at upgrading [which by the way was recommended] was a smiley face and believe me I was not smiling as the rest of the watch was just dead. I tried unsuccessfully to remedy it with some assistance from online [yes I can do that bit of technology] but it appears that I have now created or should I say the upgrade created an even bigger problem which appears to be greater than’ Ben Hur’ so not sure if, or when I shall drive into downtown Perth to get it fixed. Maybe I shall just put it out to pasture – it is after all over 3 years old and is probably in modern day terms what you would now call obsolete, so time will tell what this little UNYOUNG Jam will do with it.

 As disappointing as that is [wish I could un upgrade the FITBIT] I am in the meantime using my phone as my step counter and as simple as that is, it is working out okay for my walking boots and hiking sticks to step to, so methinks I can stick with that for the moment. It is not as if I need the extra technical stuff to prepare myself to run a marathon or two.

So as some technology stuff and how to successfully install upgrades remains somewhat of a mystery to me, life will go on and for this little UNYOUNG JAM that is all that really matters.


Until next time – take time to stop and smell the roses. My first of the season is out and it smells pretty good to me.

I really liked this bush flower.

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