Beautiful cow slip orchids on our bush block.

Today’s Adventure: I had a great full on week but by far the best part was all my wild flower walks.

Jam Fact: My hands shake when I take a photo. No wonder half of them turn out to be out of focus!

Bush walking through some local areas and in and around our block resulted in some pretty amazing finds this week. I found because I guess I was actually looking for them, lots of different varieties of wild flowers in all shapes and sizes. I won’t even begin to name any that I found, except to say that my winning shot this week goes to the very beautiful and somewhat dainty cow slip orchids on our bush block. I took heaps of shots of them during the week with my fingers crossed that I would get a truly amazing, in focus, close up of at least one. The area where they are or should I correctly now say were growing, is on a hillside gravelly patch, about 10 x 10 metres in total but unfortunately all the shots turned out to be mostly out of focus.So I went back today and I’m not sure who the guilty one is…methinks maybe my favourite [not] blue tongued goannas or the many kangaroos or indeed the many birds  [all seen up there this week] but whoever the culprit is, I was so disappointed to find that the whole cow slip area, except for one or two, has been demolished; only the bottom of the cow slips’ leaves is all that remains. All I can say is that I hope whoever the guilty party was, enjoyed the very special springtime only, treat.

My second place this week goes to the snap of one of the Black Cockatoos which are back demolishing the gums by the shed. My photographer friend and mentor, alias https://seagreen.design/ would, I think be happy with this one as I finally managed to get it in focus and actually capture him eating a gum nut…all the while, whilst I was looking upwards! 

The forecast sunny weather will again see me out and about next week so I can’t wait to see what I uncover, in the bushes or in the open,whatever, just as long as I find something really appealing to take some amazing,happy snaps of.

Until next time – enjoy this beautiful sunny spring weather, if it is happening in your part of the world.

Enjoying one of the many gum nuts on offer.

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