Flowering gum with a little friend.

Today’s Adventure: A week of reading, sitting quietly and happily sewing.

Jam Fact: I do not like a certain Doctor who poked a hole in my spleen.

My prize from the Heart Foundation photo competition arrived in the mail last week. A good fit they are too. Thank you https://www.facebook.com/groups/HFWalking for the prompt mailing of your very welcome prize. I shall put the excellent fit t-shirt and the just right, two tone reversible hat to good use, once I resume my walking outings.

I’m on ‘Rand R’ leave for the moment as I have had a bit of a hiccup with Mr Spleen. What a wimp he is!

He didn’t like me planting out my veggie seedlings…tomatoes and basil [honestly I only very gently dug the soil over, MY J did the hard stuff] none the less he decided to complain a tad, well maybe a bit more than a tad.

He is such a delicate thing… methinks he definitely needs to toughen up a bit so I can get back to my adventuring life again!

So no photo shooting went on this last week and no of course, photo of the week but whilst I was luxuriating in bed and happily ‘Googling’ away on my phone, I found another gem of a photo competition that I of course couldn’t resist entering my little ant snap into… so stay tuned to see if he manages to turn the judges heads and comes up a winner there too.

My Doctors assure me that Mr S just needs a short stay of rest and that I’ll be back out walking very soon. I just will not be doing any gardening or house duties, not even light ones for the next two months.  Not sure that I am overly happy about that but as they say beggars can’t be chooses and it does me no good at all to waste time bad mouthing a certain Doctor, so upwards and onwards it is.

I am confident that a recovered Mr S and I will be out painting the town red before too  long and as I will be decked out in my brand new, red and taupe reversible heart smart hat with matching  t shirt, then I guess that’s an excellent outcome and who am I to complain.

Until next time …I’ve got nothing to do but smile today.

My winning T Shirt.

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