The Nectarine Tree is blooming.

Today’s Adventure: Wandering the garden – again…but there is so much to see at this time of year. 

Jam Fact: None of us ever knows what a tomorrow will bring.

When a friend’s tomorrow becomes a today of such unbelievable sadness, you are reminded just how important it is to make good memories everyday of your life.

Today I wandered the garden admiring all the new fruit blossoms, including my blueberry bush which now has small berries happening, the new rose blooms, the new petunias and pansies and also the numerous little geckos lying and enjoying glimpses of sunlight angled onto the pathways around the house.

There is so much to love about our lives and whilst life does bring us unexpected sadness from time to time, it does also provide us with many, many opportunities to make wonderful memories with those that we love and hold dear in our hearts.

Until next time – ‘Live each day as if your life has just begun.’

Love the pattern on its back and tail.

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