I just love the colours and shine on these gum nuts.

Today’s Adventure: IF I do nothing, my mind is guaranteed to take a nose dive. I know this because this little UNYOUNG JAM has previously experienced that dark place and as I promised myself I would never go back there, adventure on I must. 

Jam Fact: I like to write.

Yesterday I made a list of things that I am going to do when Mr Spleen decides to stay in happy mode. He is still in a don’t do anything or I will scream mode, so patience is the motto of the day, no make that for the week.  My Mum always said: Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can, seldom in a woman never in a man. How sexist was that!  Just shows you that this little UNYOUNG JAM has been around for a long while and certainly through the days of women not getting equal pay but rest assured, she plans to stay around for another long while, so take it easy with Mr S she will. [Note to self … you have never been one to have a lot of patience and I note that even that, is wearing a little thin but hang in there, the end of the recovery period is nigh.]

My brainstorm list was followed by an organising, categorising session and I have to say a very productive afternoon was had with several of the ideas in my head,  given a 5 star rating.   My absolute favourite idea so far and yes I believe it is doable, is to take a photo that will appear on the ABC’s best photos of the week page. Now THAT indeed is a challenge, given the talent that the page usually features!

[Note to self – you may need to look into buying a camera with a better zoom or is it that you need to get new glasses so you can actually see through your  current focus lens on the existing camera? Whichever way it is, I ask myself why put the bar so high UNYOUNG? LOL…because I can! ]

So with the brainstorming session over and the outcomes successfully written… always have to put it on paper otherwise it just wouldn’t be me … and with several newly listed adventures already hitting the full on planning stage, all is beginning to take shape in my little UNYOUNG world and with Mr Spleen starting to show excellent signs of perhaps finally behaving himself, I can now absolutely with confidence, happily adventure on.  

Until next time – stay safe, be kind to yourself, hug your loved ones and above all go out and have some fun.

On the fence line.

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