Our Resident Mr Bungarra.

Today’s Adventure: Wandering our garden yard. 

Jam Fact. I like seeing Mr Bungarra, apparently they can ward off snakes so all good I say! 

Seasons come and seasons go and with those changes come the ever evolving colours of nature together with an abundance of wild life.  We are currently in what I affectionately call our Seasonal ‘Residency Mode.’ The mode transgresses the spring, summer and autumn seasons and brings to our farm, on all living things, a kaleidoscope of colours.

Our garden and surrounding bush is currently bursting with the new shoots of spring and the array of colourful flowers on offer both wild and home grown, is just amazing.

Our home garden is really a bit of a hodgepodge… a mix of vegetables, fruit trees, roses, annuals, potted palms, herbs and various patio type pieces, all mixed in with a good selection of native shrubs. The areas are not theme linked like some gardens that I admire from afar are and overall it certainly is not worthy of a feature segment on the ABC’S Gardening Australia program but we love it just the same.

Its best feature I think, is that it is a haven for numerous big, medium and small sized birds, the ‘dam ducks’ [love seeing them waddle the verandahs and adjacent grassed areas plucking at insects etc… hopefully the unwanted ones but I must admit I am not fussy about cleaning up their splats of poo but as  their visits only happen in spring that’s okay] and goannas of all sizes including our very own resident … Mr Bungarra.

I first sighted him at the house area about 8 years ago as a little thing and each year since then he has grown a little longer, a little fatter and a little less scared of me.  I leave out a water dish for him under the fruit trees [not sure who empties it but someone does] and yesterday I saw him for the first time this spring. I encountered him unexpectedly [my heart is still beating so the surprise was okay!] in amongst the lavenders which are flowering prolifically this year.

He is looking a little thin after his winter sojourn but looking good just the same and the really best bit is that he or maybe it is a she, [David Attenborough hasn’t been consulted on that as yet]  will be here in his Residence with us right through the spring, summer and into the late autumn days.

 I love every season and all its changes but I especially love all the joys that Mr BUNGARRA et al brings each year to my part of the world.

 Until next time – be as happy as you can be.

One blue tongue enjoying the sun.

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