I like watching these birds on The Avon River, Northam.

Today’s Adventure: INDEPENDENCE

Jam Fact: “Driving Miss Daisy”

Being independent is a powerful thing. It is not until you don’t have it that you realise the very empowerment of it.

Being able to drive is an essential in my part of the world… no train or bus to catch that’s within walking distance … well I could walk but it would be a bit of a hike … and whilst MY J is an excellent “Driving Miss Daisy,” it did over the past 14 weeks of Mr S and his hissy fit happenings, curtail my socialising somewhat.  

But I need to stop all the grizzling as the driving hiatus is now over. My much awaited independence has been thankfully reinstated, my wheels are happily back in motion and turning out the kms and as all is well again here in my part of the world… what more could this little UNYOUNG JAM want.

Until next time… I am going to try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.

Love the colours in our front yard this week.

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