"Double Delight" - the first of the season.

Today’s Adventure: Keeping record of my steps via my phone app.

Jam Fact: I am part of a heart walking around Australia team.

I’ve joined a private heart healthy walking group as part of the Heart Foundation Facebook page  where every member of the group understands the need to keep one’s heart healthy and that the simple act of walking is an excellent way to keep it just so.

R had the fantastic idea for the group to ‘walk’ around Australia. That concept appealed to me and it seems it appealed to quite a few others too and so each week, starting from 1st October each member sends in their distances walked and R records the collective efforts on the map of Australia.

 I was pretty happy with my week one distance walked but somehow I forgot [note to self …put a reminder on your laptop to remind you each week] to send my distance in so I am officially joining the group members on the walk this week. 

The participating members are located in various spots across Australia and I enjoy seeing their daily photo posts on the Heart Foundation Facebook page; where they live, where they have walked and what they see each day. [I have even resorted to an atlas to find out the exact whereabouts of some member locations… methinks this little UNYOUNG JAM needs to brush up on her Geographic location knowledge of some Eastern parts of Australia because one or two of the names mentioned just drew a blank with me.. still I take heart from the fact that some Eastern Staters may not have heard of where I live either as my little town is certain not the hub of the universe.]

Walking –it’s an activity that we can all just simply do and it is so good for the health and well being of one’s heart.

Until tomorrow … happy walking in your part of the world.

Should get a good crop of oranges next season.

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