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Today’s Adventure: Learning more about the mechanics of I.T.

Jam Fact: I have discovered I am good at making up strong passwords–my laptop tells me so.

As the saying goes, you are never too old to learn but let me tell you, that whilst this little UNYOUNG JAM is very happy to learn new things, if it is I.T. related it doesn’t come without a mild…no make that a heavy…dose of frustration.

The new I.T. thing I recently learnt came about because I started out with a bit of a haphazard spring cleaning session – you know the usual tidying up of pantry, oops that tin is past its use by date, wardrobe… how long since I wore that and it doesn’t fit anymore anyway, kitchen cupboards need new lining etc and then for good measure I threw in that I should update my I.T. ‘password’ book.

I found that the password book itself was a bit tatty, bit of a mess, contained cross outs galore and so I reasoned that it was surely time to shout myself a new book which I duly purchased on my next shopping trip.

I was halfway through alphabetising the pages of the new book which was just waiting to have the new sites and associated passwords entered into it when my UNYOUNG brain had a light bulb moment of …why didn’t I purchase one already sectioned?  Hindsight … it’s such a wonderful thing but undaunted, I pressed on. It turned out to be a longer spring clean… half the log in sites I no longer used, so a smaller paged book would definitely have sufficed and probably there would have been no need to even alphabetise it!  Never mind, I said because along the way I not only discovered but actually persevered and learnt how to use the secure password app thing that already existed on my laptop…part of my security subscription which I have never followed up on until now. That somewhat tricky to navigate little app,  now stores most of the sites and passwords I use, so the actual now alphabetised book is pretty much obsolete. Never mind, I said again!

I also learned from my Spleen Specialist in amongst my spleen advice…amazing what you talk about in a 30 minute review session…that I can get a passwords app on my phone, so I was on to that as well.

In summary, I can say that my spring cleaning session resulted in all new STRONG passwords… thanks laptop for the thumbs up on that… and me now operating a phone and laptop secure password app which stores all my passwords except my bank ones which I can thankfully still successfully store in my head.  So a couple of new things are happening right here in my part of the I.T. world, with only a small dose of frustration occurring during the process so definitely a plus on that score.

And…it just goes to show that this little UNYOUNG JAM is definitely not too old to successfully learn a new thing or two after all.

Until next time – “be not afraid to go forth and have some fun,” especially when you are in the middle of a spring cleaning session.

It's fair to say this guy and I watch one another at this time of the year!

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