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Today’s Adventure: JINGLE BELLS?I hear and see Christmas things in the shops!

Jam Fact: I like Christmas time and making my photo diaries.

Today I started putting together my pocket/handbag photo diaries for 2021. I make them for my friends and friends of friends as Christmas Pressies.  I think most of my YOUNG friends use phones/ digital for their actual diaries these days but everyone else humours me and I have a lot of fun making them. [ I do know that UNYOUNGS like me really appreciate them as a ready reckoner for their handbags plus the added bonus is that it’s a huge part of why I actually take all my photos]

The diary template allows for one photo for every week page, plus front and back and a few in between pages… for notes etc so that means I need approximately 60 really good shots to actually fill all of the diary pages. As you can imagine, the challenge for a good shot is on all year long and it most definitely keeps this little UNYOUNG’S brain focused on the positives of life and that is a really, really good thing, so a happy little snapper of all things bright and beautiful I am. 

I order the diaries from the UK as I can’t Google find anyone in Australia that does that particular ‘perfect for the hand bag’ size photo diary; the ordering and paying for said diaries is in itself a bit of a challenge for this little UNYOUNG JAM. The first time I did it back when I wasn’t as Tech Savvy, when I was definitely “green around the edges” I had lots, make that a plethora of real confusion over how I was going to pay for them. So I consulted my ever trusty young technical adviser who put me on the right track and now it is a relatively easy process for me to complete/ convert Aussie dollars into European currency… If I say it quickly that is!

I have uploaded about a quarter of the photos required… no NBN where I live so still a little slow in that department but as my cut off deadline for Christmas ordering is the end of October I reckon I am on track but…in the planning of which photos to use, I discovered I am short of about 10 really good, clear, focused photos, so out and about I must go over the next few days/ week to take a few more, especially  if I am going to complete the diaries on time and ensure they arrive here in time for my Jingle Bell Christmas Pressies. 

Until next time – be happy,  as happy as you can be.

A new resident at the dam.

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