Heaps of these Galahs around at the minute.

Today’s Adventure: Defying the odds and beating the negativity my  little UNYOUNG brain says to me.

Jam Fact: If I set this little UNYOUNG mind to it, I can do, what my brain often says… I can’t.

My super active brain, whilst doing its usual run around of all things happening anywhere in the world, let alone just in my little part of the world, often says …hmmm… now that I focus on that word often and think about it, a more accurate description would be my brain doesn’t often say it, it constantly says; No can do, that’s too hard for you UNYOUNG JAM but this week I firmly and unmistakably told it…YES I CAN.

So the two things I negated it with were:

  1. Make tasty apple chutney. Brain… too messy, way, way too fiddly and takes far too much time.

UNYOUNG JAM… don’t think too hard about it, just do it and I did. Tastes pretty Yum too. MY J said so.

  1. Master long and short bloody stitch. Brain…I’ve told you before, it’s too hard for you!

 UNYOUNG JAM … remind yourself… concentrate, persevere, remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, that it’s okay to pull it out if it doesn’t look okay and above all just keep on stitching.

After some language, many pull outs and some frustration with mastering the stitch yet again, I managed to effectively blend five shades of green on a leaf; in fact they are now blended so smoothly together that I reckon I can honestly say that I have finally mastered long and short bloody stitch and the real bonus bit here is that the 5 shaded green leaf doesn’t just look okay, it looks pretty dam good even if I say so myself.

So a good, no make that an excellent week has been had; the fact my brain was defied twice with the mantra yes I can is indeed a record in itself!

The only dampener was that I have had a somewhat leaded foot whilst back in the driving seat.

First error of judgement occurred on my way to our local Post Office, a 90 km zone and oops 98 [wish he wouldn’t sit on the downhill section, my car loves to ‘free roll’] and secondly down to Mundaring [again on the downhill run into town] an 80 km zone … me 86! Not as much over as the B. Hill effort but I imagine at least 6 demerits in total and some $$ to be paid. I guess the good thing is that it wasn’t a double demerit long weekend and it is over 20 years since I lost demerits so I console myself with that somewhat.

The challenge this week for this little UNYOUNG JAM, is for me to tell my brain… yes I can take a really, really good in focus photo of all the kangaroos, boomers, Mums and little and medium sized joeys hopping around at dusk in the back paddocks and definitely capturing, producing and publishing on this very BLOG, that said snap.

Until next time … “if it is to be, it is up to me.” [W. Johnsen.]

See, the little joey is definitely not in focus.

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