Through the front window, wandering the front veranda - he looks pretty healthy to me.

Today’s Adventure: I spent lots and lots of the time in the sun when I was growing up…still do.  

Jam Fact: I love the sunshine.

Every year, like most of my UNYOUNG age group, I venture out for my annual skin check up. I fit into the era back when baby oil was the must have suntan lotion…a so called ‘credible’ fashion accessory if we wanted to sport a beautiful, attractive tan.

Well I did sport many a yearlong suntan but they came about more from the reality that these little UNYOUNG legs ran copious miles running out in the open sunshine getting fit as opposed to being covered in baby oil and lazing a summer day away on the white beach sands of WA…although methinks I actually did do the oil thing more than once or twice because it was the in thing at the time to do and yes peer pressure was definitely alive and well back in my day too.

Nonetheless,  however my numerous skin cancers have resulted  from, I just know that every year over at least the last 10, I have needed some burning off or a small snip, snip here and a small stitch, stitch there, to remove the offending sun damaged bits that now seem to appear yearly on my aging skin.

Yesterday was the day for this year’s little op and I am a bit of a grizzly bear today because my neck is a little painful now that the anaesthetics have worn off.  The removal was from my skinny neck/ collarbone area and the 15+ stitches; Doc couldn’t remember exactly how many over 15 she did, doesn’t matter really I just know that they  are doing a little pull here and a bigger pull there and what also feels like a bit of a funky dance movement every time I move today. [Note to self…stop complaining UNYOUNG JAM … nowhere near your Mr Spleen episode so smile and be grateful that the unwanted lump has now been removed. Duly noted.]

I asked my very nice operating Dr, if she managed to pull/tighten a wrinkle or two whilst stitching it up and she laughed and nodded; so next week’s reveal may perhaps unveil a new not so wrinkled neck! [In your dreams UNYOUNG JAM… for every one wrinkle removed there are two more just laying in wait to say hello!]

I will be a return patient this time next year and if I stay out of the sun as the Doc recommends I do, [Alternative Plan B now activated to ensure I get my daily dose of Vitamin D that every UNYOUNG appears to be told to get these days] hopefully an invasive snip, snip and a stitch, stitch will not be required in 2021.

Until tomorrow – Don’t be a complacent YOUNG or UNYOUNG … put a skin check on your to do list today.


No idea what it is called but I like it just the same.

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