Clearly the boat is not quite in focus ... definitely need a new camera or was it just simply me with the shakes! Love the blue colours though.

Today’s Adventure: Finally being able to catch up with some  friends this week… in the Swan Valley, Mullaloo Beach and in downtown Northam. Those I missed seeing will be in my next foray out. 

Jam Fact: I love the beach.

“Make new friends, but keep the old; Those are silver, these are gold.” Joseph Parry.

That saying epitomises my week of finally being in a position to catch up with a vast majority of my friends, all of whom I consider to be GOLD.

Joseph Parry who wrote one of my favourite orchestra pieces [I don’t have many but “MYFANWY” is one of them,I last heard it on the Songs of Praise programme on the A.B.C.] was a Welsh musician who died in 1903. My Dad was Welsh and was a musician too. He won a scholarship to U.W.A. to learn the violin in the 1940’s. Unfortunately the war intervened and he never had the opportunity to go back to it after his return from the war … went teaching instead but all through his life he played music. He could play pretty much any instrument but my favourite was his era of trumpet playing in a band.[Favourite tune was ‘I don’t know why I love you but I do.’]  He was my primary school teacher for all but 6 months of my primary school life. I especially loved the folk dancing days when he played the piano and Mum came as the “guest speaker” to actually teach us the dance moves. Moi on the other hand, can’t play my keyboard too well, even with the automatic left bit syncing my chords so I can honestly say I sadly didn’t inherit much of Dad’s incredible ability to play music but I can say he taught me how to be especially enthusiastic with certain genres of it. [My favourite tune is “Going Home” from the movie ‘Local Hero.’]

Going back to the Parry quote, it was first told to me as a teenager and it has stuck with me all through my YOUNG and now UNYOUNG years and it is a true and honest summation of how I see my life’s friendship circle.  

Parry also said…Friendships that have stood the test of time and change, are surely the best. I couldn’t agree more as I had a really, really lovely time catching up with some of my friends this past week and I can unreservedly say, that they are truly the best. 

Until next time…whatever you decide to do today make sure you make a plan to catch up with some old friends.

My first Gold Bunny for the season...again not quite in focus but I reckon I did manage to capture the sunlight filtering through, so not all is lost!

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