MEET…GREET and who did you say you were?

Yes...that is a very young, little UNYOUNG JAM

Today’s Adventure: Down Memory Lane albeit with some trepidation.

Jam Fact: I could hurdle a bit when I wasn’t UNYOUNG.

Apologies for not publishing on my BLOG of late … Laptop hasn’t been at all well but that’s another story for another time.

Last weekend I attended an athletic reunion at the recently refurbished and now very stylish Raffles Hotel nestled on the banks of the picturesque Swan River.

I don’t usually do re-unions [not quite sure exactly why I have declined to go to so many over the years] but I was very glad I chose to go to this one.

 I left athletics many moons ago as a somewhat “tainted and tarnished” woman [before MY J’s time] and everyone at the reunion was delighted to now see me as one very happy UNYOUNG. Some of the attendees had photos to share-me with somewhat skinny but I must admit extremely toned and very fit looking legs that actually surprised me but none the less all the black and white shots of me were good to see.

The event was littered with extremely happy stories from many. I even admitted to one guy that I had a crush on him for quite a while and it was reassuring to find out after all these years that maybe it was a little bit reciprocal. That was a What If moment if ever I heard one!

I have gladly reconnected with a couple of the girls; we had some fantastic adventures in our youth, one of my favourites was when we travelled via train to Melbourne then flew from the mainland  over the sea to Hobart in 1967. It was just after the devastating fires and we all remembered touring Mt Wellington; black and burnt everywhere you looked, the hillsides and roads strewn with dead native animals and unbelievably when we arrived at the top light snow was falling…amazing.

It turned out to be a great afternoon of reminiscing and reflecting on our many, many wide-ranging and very, very, happy exploits that eventuated during our late teens and early twenties.  

It was a really fabulous time in my life [so many wonderful trips both interstate and overseas] and I have to say the reunion with all of its happenings and the numerous stories that were re-told made it  pretty fabulous too.

It was indeed [as promised by  the organiser it would be and yes you must come UNYOUNG JAM]  a great afternoon and it is suffice to say that this little UNYOUNG JAM came home feeling really,really glad that she went. 

Until tomorrow – enjoy whatever the day brings.

I must say the view across The Swan was pretty nice.

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