One of my favourite gums is in flower.

Today’s Adventure: My laptop’s performance is deteriorating very rapidly; it’s currently performing as slow as a wet week! My Blog is suffering; entries sadly are few and far between.

Jam Fact: I can’t fix my laptop.

My shiny iridescent red Laptop [the colour is of course irrelevant in the scheme of things but I did buy it because I loved the colour of it, so methinks it is worth mentioning] is not in UNYOUNG speak old but I can’t exactly say that it is new either.   

Over the last few weeks it has decided to have not quite a full on hissy fit but enough of a one to confound this little not so Tech Savvy UNYOUNG JAM.

I am by my own admission, only a teeny bit Tech Savvy and my recent humble efforts at trying to fix my laptop have failed miserably. That has inadvertently resulted in My BLOG entries being somewhat spasmodic of late.

The problem with my maybe ‘oldish ’ Laptop is that it has been taking longer and I truly mean longer, to fire itself up, to start operating and as for loading photos, it honestly and frustratingly has been taking forever! Initially I was tolerating it because I could very fortuitously do two sets of sits to stands in the time it took to load itself up and that was sort of okay but when that time lapse increased to me being able to complete four sets of my sits to stand leg exercise, my little UNYOUNG legs and thighs said that’s enough…stop…no more!

So to help I reluctantly…I use the word reluctantly because I did so want to be Tech Savvy enough to fix it myself…was forced to go and it turns out that the poor old Laptop has been inundated with Windows updates and it has been unsuccessfully trying to install them to absolutely no avail over the last few weeks and that’s why it is on a go slow mode. Basically it’s on overload plus it hasn’t enough capacity within to deal with it so I happily accepted that not in a million years would I have been able to fix it…going to the Tech Savvy man was definitely the answer to my problems. 

After being provided with some tech speak [I did nod my head vigorously when the terms RAMS and SSD’S were mentioned, I could compute the basics with those bits, not so much with the other stuff but that’s ok] the very clever Tech Savvy man said he could fix it. The parts are arriving next week so I will have a really smart, Speedy Gonzales almost brand new laptop after its ‘computer hospital’ visit and when it subsequently returns home.

The best thing with the update will be as they say…that everything old will appear relatively new again. Even my old thigh muscles from all the extra sit to stands that I have been doing feel very toned and in shape and even if I say so myself…look new again. [Hardly any cellulite visible now, well that’s if you don’t look too closely!]

So until next time, when I will be writing on my ‘newish, you beaut fixed up Laptop – have a great day!

Haven't seen these birds for a while. It's nice to see them back around the place.

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