Today’s Adventure: Out shopping with my B.E.S.B. Best Ever Shopping Bag, hand made, lined, complete with an inside zip and pocket area.

Jam Fact: I love to shop.

Shop locally the sign said, so I did but I also shopped not so locally with my best ever shopping bag too.

Shopping of any kind has never been a hardship for this little UNYOUNG. I became a convert from a very early age and my love for it has only strengthened as the years roll on.

My local downtown Northam main street, shopping mall and shopping centre, if you take the time to walk and look has much to offer and I happily discovered some of its hidden treasures just last week.

My favourite shopping bag…my ME bag was with me and I managed to fill it twice; trip back to the car to empty was a plus as there are no parking metres in town to worry about and I managed to notch up my daily step count during my country shopping at its best outing. Note to self…must purchase another bag from the extensive ME range; it has lots to choose from. Can highly recommend them.

¬†HAND MADE BEADED BAGS, GLASSES CASES AND WALKER BAGS. VARIOUS STYLES, SIZES AND PRICES. PICKUP, DELIVERY OR POSTING CAN BE ORGANISED. [Wish I could work out how to upload the file of the products… you would be so impressed]¬†


The added bonus for my local shopping outing was that it’s supporting the country businesses, so my few dollars spent was met with much enthusiasm from all the store owners plus a coffee with a friend I ran into on the main street, added to my state of shopping happiness.

As I past the sign that said shop local on the very scenic 29 km drive home, I told it… Yes I DID shop local …and my over flowing with goodies,[some with courtesy gift wrapping] ME bag, is certainly proof of that.

Until next time …Happy shopping in your part of the world and shop local if you can.

G, Me and I went shopping at Joondalup. We had to get a trolley because we had too many bags to carry!

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