Today’s Adventure: UNYOUNG gets a little philosophical.

Jam Fact: I often have early morning musing sessions.

This COVID thing that’s spreading so rapidly in some parts of this wonderful world of ours is a frightening thing.

It’s like a WAR but there are no guns or bombs doing the damage; just some hideous silently creeping virus that’s affecting and killing hundreds of people across the world on a daily basis.

I say a WAR because it reminds me so much of the words my dear old Mum used to say about the 1940’s.There’s an overwhelming feeling of isolation, a fear of the unknown, a not if but when it will come, making sure you stay safe each day and  many, many more. So continuing to stay safe in the 2020’s is imperative for us all, just like in my parents in the 1940’s days, until a tried, true, trusted and effective vaccine arrives. 

The year 2020 is such a good all round number but as everyone says – a year like no other. There seems to be a touch of nostalgia wherever you look. The world is still functioning within the silent pandemic war zone but the hideous thing just continues to move stealthily on.

Right now though, I’m overwhelmingly glad that my country and especially my State is a contained, “Almost COVID Free” land.

So the other day I enjoyed my little corner of the world and went for a wonderful day out boating on the Swan River with my very, very good group of embroidery friends.  We socially distanced and did all the right COVID required actions and still managed to have a fantastic day together. It was truly a fun day out and  we laughed,  tried to forget the worries of the world and simply just enjoyed one another’s company.

We most certainly do live in an ever changing world but it’s like no other…so until next time stay safe and be kind to yourself.


Cruising The Swan

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