Today’s Adventure: Out admiring a new mural in town.

Jam Fact: Still enjoying taking my photos. 

The resident, real and alive white swans are a bit of a star attraction in town [that’s Northam town, population approx 7000.]

They are such graceful birds and are very relaxing to sit and watch as they glide gracefully along the…sort of blue waters… of The Avon River.

A very gifted artist, ‘Amok Island’ has just completed a very impressive; you could even say stunning, depending on your artistic eye, mural on the previously blank Eastern side of the Western Flour Mill  wall.

Like most country towns we have murals on our silos…my favourite WA silo one is at Pingrup…mind you I haven’t seen all of the ones that are featured in the WA Silo Mural Road Trip, so I guess I shouldn’t declare a favourite until these little UNYOUNG eyes have actually seen them all …none the less until I do manage to see them all, my silo mural of choice so far remains with the Pingrup one. I reckon it’s a beauty.

The Silo Road Trip sounds like an amazing thing to do so it’s definitely going on my 2021 Bucket List and I sincerely hope that the WA Tourism Council includes our new swan mural into that road trip itinerary pretty soon because the new flying swans that are gracing the previously blank flour mill wall are a pretty impressive sight to see.

Until next time…enjoy finding and admiring murals in your part of the world

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