The spider actually devoured this bee.

Today’s Adventure: Finally, after 5 months my Dr says I can gently swim and garden again. Yeah!

Jam Fact: It’s been 5 months since my ‘hole in one’ and I am really pleased that even though it is Dr’s orders to garden and swim them gently, I can now at least do them.

So, I spent yesterday peacefully working in the garden again and what a great feeling it was.

I ‘gently’ gardened so much that I ended up with a hole in two of the fingers of my green and gold flowered gardening gloves. [My J’s comment after being shown said holes was…you did so not garden gently then and if I am a little bit honest here that’s maybe a little bit true!]

Still the lettuces are in, [My J bored some holes in an old wheelbarrow for me and it is looking very ‘cool’ in my herb area that I can see from my kitchen window], the zucchinis are in and my favourites that I can grow really well here, the butternut pumpkin seedlings are happily in amongst the nasturtiums, so all is good.

When I stopped to have a bit of a break, I was lucky enough to spy firstly some sort of spider devouring a bee that it had caught in its sticky web[pity I couldn’t get a shot of its front side instead of its underside… too slow to get the camera out and of course get it in focus in time before it disappeared but it was pretty interesting to watch just the same; especially as I have never actually seen a spider ‘eating’ before] and then I came upon a beautiful dew drop web in amongst the bottle brushes that are just finishing their spring flowering season. Some pretty special gardening observations even if I say so myself.

I ended what I considered to be a very productive ‘gentle’ gardening session with only a slightly sore back but the best part undoubtedly was that my Old Mr Spleen behaved himself beautifully and no after effects were felt at all.

So as I passed my first back to gardening test with flying colours; this little UNYOUNG can now look forward to many, many more gently does it gardening sessions and that is indeed a very welcome result.

Why do I love to garden? Gardening I have decided, adds years to my life and definitely life to my years.

Until next time…I hope you have a special garden, big, medium or small, that you can admire and enjoy all the benefits of too.


No spider in sight but beautiful morning dew drops instead.

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