LUCK…such a serendipitous thing.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: LUCK is such an unassuming thing. So, how lucky am I? Despite the blips I ‘ve had in my life this year…I know ‘shit’ does happen…I still feel VERY lucky indeed.

JAM FACT: My UNYOUNG legs are loving their Christmas outings even if some of them are to places their owner really wouldn’t wish to go but go she must.

I have had a few setbacks and one big near miss in life during 2020 but overall I consider myself to be one lucky UNYOUNG.  I can say that I feel lucky as this year nears its end because put simply I am here to tell my tale; so as I see it, I am so not complaining about a thing.

Yes I think Lady Luck has been by my side all year so here is a little bit of an ‘Acrostic’ of an explanation for my LUCKY happenings of 2020.

L is for all the lovely even if I say so myself, photos I took in 2020 with the highlight being me landing a first ever “winning” shot.  

U is for me unreservedly being thankful to MY J and all my family and friends, who gave me unlimited love and support when I needed it most.

C is for me, despite the blips in life, being able to continue to write about only positive adventures on My Blog.

K is for me being able to kick ass and recover from a major health event that nearly took me out.

Y is for Yes I will continue to find and participate in adventures that make me happy because life is far too short to do otherwise.  

So as the year heads to its end, I have fingers crossed that Lady Luck who has been with me all year, decides to continue to happily remain in my cosmos for many more years to come.  

Until next time …May Lady Luck be on your side too.

In case you missed it - this is my winning shot.

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