My 'Christmas' spider.

Today’s Adventure: Waking up with the birds.

Jam Fact: Sleep and I go hand in hand.

I haven’t seen too many sunrises in my life and I should encourage myself to see more of them after yesterday’s little escapade because our little corner of the world was a sight to see at precisely 5.04 am.

Being out in the early morning air was invigorating to say the least.  I discovered that there was much to see and be awed by. I walked. I stopped. I returned into the house to unearth a jumper [9 degrees was a tad nippy on the bones] I walked again, I listened, I watched and was… pretty amazed by the feeling of the ever so crisp, clean air on my face, was very impressed with the beautiful cloudless, ever so bright but light, blue sky [no actual ‘reds’ in the sunrise] and was duly surprised by the abundance of living, breathing creatures that were awake and busy enjoying their morning with little UNYOUNG Me.

And the day just got heaps better from there.

I had a Bake Off day. I made my very Moorish Heart Foundation rock cakes [www.heartfoundation.org.au]. A fresh batch is always a hit with MY J AND they go extremely well with my much loved daily cup of L.B. plus I made my Christmas give away apple and red onion chutney.

I took what I consider to be a pretty nice photo even if I say so myself, of a ‘Christmas spider’ [not sure if that’s their real name but that is what we have always called them] I even captured some of its intricate web. It took me quite a while to finally be in a position to snap a shot that turned out to be in reasonable focus, it kept running up and down. Such a speedy little tyke it was too but in the end methinks it turned out to be an okay shot.   

I also fertilised my vegie seedlings, the recently planted zucchinis are moving along nicely, I relaxed and did some reading, I sewed, I phoned a friend and arranged to meet[always good for the soul] I picked some flowers and I thought of a really good adventure for the coming days.

So, my day was full of happy little adventures from sunrise to sunset and as the youngies in my part of the world are oft heard to say; it was one ”KOOL” day.

Until next time…Every day is a good day to have a good day and that’s starting with today

No red sky but beautiful bright sun rays instead.

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