My favourite Christmas ornament. Just love its grin.

Today’s Adventure: ‘Tis the season to be sampling wares.

Jam Fact: I am not a good maker of mince pies.

MY J loves the Christmas Season. Well strictly speaking not so much the Christmas Season Festivities themselves or the associated gift/ shopping escapades that it entails [ham/ pork / turkey buying being the exception] but he loves it just for all the edible things that are associated with Christmas itself…like the fruit cakes, the mince pies; he believes he is a connoisseur of these particular goodies and I’m probably not going to disagree with him on that one, given all the sampling he does of them plus there’s all the tried and trusted Christmas slices my SIL makes especially for him. It’s been a long standing tradition for the last 40 + years that SIL includes a hamper of her most famous slices as part of his Christmas gift.

So with the winning Cake for the year about to be bestowed on my Friend G’s cake [without it even being received or cut as yet but renown in this case simply cannot be surpassed] and my SIL’s wares for 2020 already opened and sampled, our attention has now been devoted to choosing what we consider to be the best mince pies for this year.

We are up to our 9th box of pies, purchased like the fruit cakes from a number of commercial entities …that’s a lot of mince pies I know but I am limiting myself to one a day…if I say it quickly that’s ok, MY J not one a day but that’s OK too as he is feeding the currently behaving ‘Luke’ as well. So that’s all good in my book!

MY J this very day has declared that the Bakers Hill Pie Shop has again won our accolade for best mince pies of 2020. They are really tasty, icing sugar dusted morsels and I totally concur with MY J that there is nothing better than one of the Bakers Hill Pie shop’s mince pies with a L.B.

MY J also likes all these Christmas goodies to last well into the New Year. He knows [he has trained me well!] that in amongst my gift to him this year, like every other year since we met, that there will be a few extra boxes of mince pies and a couple of commercially baked fruit cakes that he voted as some of the best during his sampling period leading up to the Festive Season, the Season he loves for all the eating pleasures it brings.

I’m actually off now to enjoy and share one of those very award winning yummy mince pies with MY J, together with my favourite cup of coffee, a Long Black.

So until next time…I say let’s just eat and be merry. 



I thought I had killed this orchid; clearly not as it has 5 flowers on the stalk!

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