TODAY’S  ADVENTURE: I research my step counter purchase options.

JAM FACT: I ‘heart’ walk every day.

My FITBIT gave up the ghost a few weeks ago. I missed it, so a new one was added to my Christmas shopping list…well truth be told, it was added to MY J’S shopping list for little UNYOUNG moi.

I didn’t take advantage of all the “bits” available on my recently died FITBIT3 so the question was did I need all the bells and whistles on a new one?

I discovered on my first foray to the shops that it was a bit of a mine field out there and it turned out to be a trap for this little unprepared UNYOUNG player so back home I went to research a little more thoroughly on what I actually wanted…needed didn’t quite come into the brief.

I took MY J with me on my second visit to the selected shop and I was able to say to my very kind in store IT Tech Savvy assistant P, that I didn’t want the too much information syndrome happening and that I just wanted to view items A,B and C. What could he specifically tell me about them? It turned out a lot, as he not only confirmed my “Google” knowledge but he threw in a little bit more info for good measure.  

The purchased ‘smart watch’ with a 3 year extended warranty, MY J and I, were “zapped” out of the store 15 minutes later. Item C was the clear winner and it did in fact become a Chrissie present for one little UNYOUNG JAM; it sports all the usual stuff I wanted plus it has a “zap” signal to get me up and about if I sit too long; definitely a good bit as I can sit for long periods engrossed in a book and also a text link to and from my phone. I was impressed with those extras but did I need them? Probably not but I reckon my young relatives will be impressed I have those extra features when I show them and it also sports a GPS in case I find myself lost, always a bonus that one, not that I am planning to walk the Bibbulum Track anytime soon. 

It is not a top of the range step counter/smart watch that has all the bells and whistles on it but it most definitely comes with some you beaut “fruit” including a heart stress monitor, so I am one pretty happy UNYOUNG JAM. Best thing is I can operate it without any stress, although there was some stress happening when I was trying to get the thing to start working and you know sync app to phone and some other download thing to laptop. But we are all synced now and are good to go.

So everything for my walking program; the walking pole…snake season so I will carry it as deterrent just in case, my  boots or shoes, [depending on the terrain] this year’s very smart Heart Foundation winning T Shirt with matching sun smart hat,  my compact pocket camera, [you just never know when or where an opportunity to shoot will happen…Note to self … a new camera with a better focus is needed so start researching your options UNYOUNG] PLUS one new, very stylish step counter with an I love the rose gold edging on the face colour are at the ready and are all raring to go.

Well, on second thoughts I might just wait a little longer before I resume the walking program and actually christen said new smart watch, at least until this heat wave passes…46 on our back veranda on Christmas Day and the hot spell is yet to abate. So until then, I shall just gainfully employ myself sitting and admiring my very stylish, brand new, step counter Smart Watch.   

Until next time – I am going to try to be spontaneous. 

Our cheeky resident has just been up to the grape vine to get himself a snack.

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