My red rose is having an excellent blooming season.

Today’s Adventure: I await, with I must admit a tad of frustration, my new camera’s arrival.

JAM Fact: Still enjoying taking photos with my old camera.

I am not a big online shopper but I did buy my new camera online. Why? Because no-one here in my part of the world had any in stock, so I ordered from a popular shop in Sydney but here’s the thing, I am still waiting for it to be shipped.

I guess my UNYOUNG brain just didn’t compute why exactly there were none available in my home town stores…ding the penny drops…because they are all waiting on shipments from overseas due to the big Christmas rush of Santa orders for what the blurbs boast as being the smartest little digital camera money can buy!  

So I wait on, in the meantime still snapping things that happen to capture this little UNYOUNG JAM’S attention.

My current mantra is…be not afraid to go forth and have some fun. I am, even if it has been over 40 degrees here for the past week but summertime can be such a great season for staying indoors and having lots of  time and fun searching the net and then finding and ordering a much wanted personal gift to myself…online.   

Until next time …I hope you are having fun in your part of the world.

Fluffing himself after being in the bird bath.

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