Today’s Adventure: Redesigning and creating a new look garden bed.

JAM Fact: Gardening is one of my passions.

Through my kitchen window [despite some dirty spots] I can always see aplenty but it was time for one of the garden areas the window overlooks, to have a summer make over.

I did think of consulting one of the TV program gurus to help out but then thought too much trouble so I opted for MY J’s assistance instead.

So with enthusiasm [not abounding but enough to get the job done] and a somewhat agreed plan MY J and I began the makeover.

We edged, we dug… well MY J dug…as this little UNYOUNG JAM is still being a little bit of a princess where hard work is concerned but to be fair though, with good reason… we unearthed and spruced up some old pots and we planted up a variety of herbs, succulents etc and VOILA!

My kitchen view through a now clean window,[ courtesy of MY J ] is looking pretty good even if I say so myself and I note that there has been an increase in the bird activities so they must be liking my new look kitchen garden window view too.

Until next time … every day has something special in it…you just have to look and find it.

Love these flowers – what ever they are!
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