Today’s Adventure: My long awaited camera purchase has made it across the WA border and is finally here.

JAM Fact: I am one very excited UNYOUNG JAM

I have spent the last two days learning about my new, very stylish looking camera. I have taken heaps of shots and finally… after MY J subtly reminded me of the old adage…if all else fails read the manual, and I did so twice, have worked out how you use the automatic focus mechanism. It’s easy once you get the hang of it!

My best shot so far is one of MY J relaxing but that has been censored so as I haven’t left home since the camera’s arrival I just have some simple home shots to share.

I was hoping that the pretty little Christmas spider was still in residence in the back garden as I thought he would make a fine subject to show off the focus element of the camera[one of the qualities that appealed to this little UNYOUNG] but we have had some shocking winds of late and sadly he disappeared over night.

Never mind , I am going to be out and about quite a bit this coming week, so I am looking forward to taking some interesting, in focus…something that I couldn’t always get right on my trusty little Nikon Coolpix…pics on my brand new Sony RX 100 111.

Until next time…I trust that you and your part of the world is a safe place to be.

One of my favourite roses.

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