Today’s Adventure: Birthday happenings.

Jam Fact: As from yesterday I am even more UNYOUNG but that’s okay.

Well…yesterday I turned over another birthday number. To celebrate my day and to remind myself that I am never too old to learn, I went out and managed to snap some really, happy snaps.

The new camera is turning out to be a little master piece for this little UNYOUNG JAM and I was pretty happy with the results from my birthday photo outing.

I reckon my focusing skills, or should I say the camera’s focus component is doing a good job because yesterday this little birthday girl was on a roll and I took a number of snaps that I consider to be A-Okay even if I say so myself.

I am still finding the bees to be a bit of a challenging subject and I have discovered that the well known descriptor for them of being busy little bees is most definitely true.

I spy the bees, the camera is at the ready and in what is literally just a matter of seconds, those said bees have sucked up the nectar or pollen and have flown off back to the hive wherever in the bush that may be and I’m left standing in the perfect position to take a snap with no subject in the view finder!  A tad frustrating but I can see why real photographers sit for hours to get a perfect shot from the hundreds they take.

Nature treated me to a couple of really special things on my photo outing. A new tree is flowering in the drive and I spied a beautiful little butterfly having a feast on the pretty trumpet like red and yellow flowers and I sort of captured the moment which I was pretty pleased with. I also sort of captured a pink and grey galah in flight. It was a fluke really… just right place, right time as they say. There were also a couple of bush bees –the blue ones buzzing around the last of the agapanthus flowers. I was a bit slow and didn’t quite get a good, good shot but I will try for the maybe perfect shot again tomorrow.

So one older and maybe a little wiser UNYOUNG JAM had an excellent birthday day and she is looking forward to the year ahead with lots of enthusiasm and zest and hopefully over the course of this birthday year she will manage to take some really, really good, I mean make that seriously good, photos.    

Until next time – be kind to yourself and don’t forget to treat yourself to something special every day.

A pink and grey sort of in flight just  before it landed on the fence line near the water trough.
Butterfly or moth? Either way I like it!
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