Today’s Adventure: I have never been a spontaneous sort of a soul but this last week I have been right into it and I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed doing new things and some even happened on the spur of the moment.

Jam Fact: I have always been a planner and seldom go outside of the box.

I had a really fun time last week going outside my comfort zone.

I’ m usually a procrastinator and new food ideas seldom get to be on my palate but last week there were several firsts.

Frozen chocolate…my neighbour keeps her chocolate in the freezer. Turns out it is yum plus it lasts for ages in your mouth because it’s too hard to chew, you can only suck it…unless you want to break your teeth. It’s a great sensation in your mouth…definitely will be an ongoing experience.

Duck pate … a first for me and I have to say the flavours whilst subtle, were very nice.

Japanese food … also a first for me and it turned out to be very nice, especially the Teriyaki fish. I’ll be going Japanese again that’s for sure.

I am also not that tech savvy as previously stated but today I worked out, although to be honest Mum L sent me the links etc so it wasn’t a big, big deal to work out, how to watch [full screen appeared after a few technical mishaps] teenage L play cricket live on I think you tube. L did extremely well in the match, a catch, a wicket…from an excellent bowl he sent down and as one of the opening bats made a few runs. It was very in vogue for me to be watching on my phone, live, an under 14’s cricket match; definitely, a new experience and one I hope to replicate next week now I have got the hang of it.

New Camera… I have learnt how to file my photos and delete those I do not want to keep. Still learning how to take a really, really good shot but the main thing is I am enjoying my photo taking exploits and am discovering new things in my backyard every day.

I also have a new sewing project, entered one of my photos in a competition, bought some clothing online [needed have worried that it would be wrong size…I obviously followed all the prompts correctly as it is a perfect fit] tried a new herb in a recipe, discovered that a half cut lemon with cloves stuck in it keeps the flies away from our back, front and side  doors, successfully propagated some succulents and got a sweet potato[many tries for this one to succeed] to shoot and grow!

So a very happy week was had by this little UNYOUNG JAM and because of that I am going to continue to be spontaneous all this week too.

Until next time…take care and enjoy this coming week, I know I will be.

Still trying to capture the little azure butterfly’s blue top wings.

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