Today’s Adventure: The word new is taking up residence in the DNA of this little UNYOUNG JAM.

Jam Fact: I have always had a cautious streak – turns out I apparently still have!

The new camera is providing me with much fun in more ways than one.

My cautious streak told my UNYOUNG brain in the first instance, not to play with or press any buttons on said new camera until I clearly knew how to operate it otherwise I might break something. So with that notion running around in my mind, I reminded myself that one should always first read the manual of any new purchase if one truly wants to learn how something actually works, so I dutifully read the manual; both the mini paper version found in the box and the one I found online; several times as a matter of fact, just to make sure I had the basics of how the camera operated clearly fixed in my mind  before I ventured out to find my first subjects to snap.

I was pretty convinced that I had in fact mastered all that I needed to know as I was impressed even if I say so myself, with the initial shots I took… so much better than with my old camera…until my very good and camera knowledgeable friend SA over a lovely lunch with friends down by the sea, showed me two things that have made a world of difference to my happy snapping results in the last few days.

Firstly I learnt how the zoom can work once you have downloaded your snaps and secondly, that the zoom/ focus bit can happen automatically if I just tap on the actual picture frame screen. No more thinking about whether the zoom is zoomed enough, it just does it automatically – definitely missed that bit in my manual reading sessions.

I could even say that it turns out that the manual, paper or otherwise was not needed after all; I just needed to organise to have a lunch date with my friends, including the clever photographer one, down by the seaside.

So my two shots on display today are supposedly supporting the notion that I have mastered those two new pieces of information. Whether I have or not is irrelevant really. I just know I had fun experimenting with the new knowledge I gained over what was a very pleasant lunch, over the last few days.

I have thrown caution to the wind. I’ve had a go and to this previously cautious little UNYOUNG JAM, that’s a heart warming bit of progress and a personal achievement just in itself so I’ll definitely be happy snapping on with my new found knowledge at the ready over the next few days.

Until next time…make sure you go out and have yourself some fun.

A ‘zoomed’ bush bee upside down getting some lunch in the front garden.

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