Today’s Adventure:  Learning to operate and having fun with New Gadgets.

Jam Fact: I am dusting away my procrastination streak.

A great last week was had by this little UNYOUNG JAM.

I am now the proud owner of an Air Fryer, bought on the spur of the moment. I was influenced by my sewing peers who have been enjoying tasty meals since their purchases a few weeks ago and as I was passing an electrical store on my way home from a lovely lunch with good friends last week, I just swung in off the highway right into a well known store car park and thought, why not go and have a look at an air fryer UNYOUNG JAM. So I did go and have a look and 15 minutes later I came out with one. As it was the only store I visited I count that as my little Miss Procrastinator streak, getting a definite dusting off.

I consider it to be a very successful purchase so far too, as My J and I enjoyed a very tasty meal of roast lamb last week, complete with rosemary and garlic flavourings too. Sadly no recipe book came with the product but that’s okay as for the last couple of days, it has kept us amused searching the net for recipes to try and we have four ready to go right now, so all is A Okay in my part of the world.

My next spur of the moment purchase happened on Friday as I was coming back from my lovely afternoon of sewing and I again just swung in off the highway, this time into a camera shop, again a well known one. I purchased a very smart RED carry case for my new camera; where that thought had been lurking I’m not sure but it turned out to be a very good shopping experience.

Whilst I was in the shop …very busy it was too with both young , in betweens and unyoungs buying all sorts of photo equipment… I noticed a container filled with stacked film boxes displayed very prominently on the counter. I couldn’t resist asking my very helpful young assistant about the film boxes and yes the old black and white film reels are making a comeback…just when I have got into the swing of digital cameras.

Never mind, my new red [not sure what possessed me to buy red …certainly an out of the box choice as the usual non ambiguous looking greys and blacks were there on offer]softly padded carry case is working a treat, so I’ve chalked it up as another fantastic spur of the moment purchase for the week.

I also this week somehow synchronised my ‘smart watch’ with my incoming texts from my phone…not sure it is an asset that I really wanted to happen but it has provided me with a feeling of being just a little more Tech Savvy than I was last week even if I did somehow happen to gain it by default.

So with my little Miss Procrastinator streak being somewhat usurped on two occasions this last week I am looking  forward to this coming week with a spring in my step because who knows what next I will purchase when I swing off the highway on my way home from another great adventure.

Until next time … stay safe.

Love the colour of this ‘double’ petunia.

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