Today’s Adventure:  No adventures out and about this week.

Jam Fact: We were in Perth last week but not at any of the specified COVID linked places.

The terrible fire that is burning out of control here in WA started as the crow flies, about 3 kms from us. Easterlies were blowing at the time so we were lucky but not those who reside north east of us.

So many homes and properties have been lost. Such terrible devastation has occurred and I cannot even begin to understand the pain that those people are going through. My special thoughts are with them all.

Life can turn you upside down in a blink of an eye. COVID lockdown was back with us this week as well. It ends tonight as no more cases were found so that’s a plus.

The weekend will see us experiencing a cold snap, with low temperatures and some rainfall; all as a result of a North West ‘cyclone’ which is slowly but surely making its way down our west coast.

Let’s hope the rain brings relief to the bush fire areas and as the much loved British Captain Tom said: “For all those people who are finding it difficult at the moment: the sun will shine on you again and the clouds will go away.”

Until next time – take care and stay safe.

Lots of magpies around at the moment.
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