Today’s Adventure:  Setting a goal or two and giving myself a new challenge.

Jam Fact:  I don’t often challenge myself.

It is not often that I set myself a challenge because I have found over the years that if I do and I don’t actually achieve it, I ‘beat myself’ up and I have promised myself that those ‘beating myself up’ days are numbered.

So this week my five very easy to achieve challenges that I have set myself and written in my daily diary…past performance indicates that if I write it in my diary it has a pretty good chance of succeeding… are:

  1. I am going to try and walk 50 kms
  2. I am going to try a new recipe [methinks a dessert]
  3. I am going to enrol in an online yoga class
  4. I am going to take a really good ‘scenic’ shot and
  5. I am going to start and finish reading a new book. I think you will agree, all achievable; the challenge for this little UNYOUNG JAM is to actually get them done. So stay tuned for my end of the week’s adventure entry!

Last week’s devastating fires in the hills, COVID restrictions in Perth and its surrounds and the heavy damaging rainfall in the mid west of WA, was certainly a week that brought sadness and troubled times to many. Let’s hope this week turns out to be a slightly better one for all those who have been confronted with the huge challenges left behind from last weeks tragedies.

Until next time…stay safe and be kind to yourself.

My new … love the colour… red geranium, enjoyed the rain.
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