Today’s Adventure: Trying to stress less and to only say positive things to myself. Thinking a negative thought has not quite reached my head’s exclusion zone just yet; that’s definitely still a work in progress but I’m pleased to say that my  little Miss Worry Wart thoughts occupy less head space these days.   

Jam Fact: I have always been a worry wart.

Mistake, error, fault, blip, hiccup, blunder, booboo or faux pas, whatever you want to call it, this little UNYOUNG JAM makes a few these days.

My most recent faux pas was fixable and I did fix it but it didn’t stop this little UNYOUNG JAM’S brain from going into overdrive and mulling said error over every which way but loose.  Being another year older has not slowed down this little UNYOUNG’S brain either.

But thankfully these days, the drama in my head doesn’t go on for too long as I now have my new fitness smart watch which has been set to send me an alert when my stress levels elevate into what they electronically say is a high zone. [It is not clear to me as to what authority it has come by that setting but I am not complaining as it seems to be working and as MY J and many other notable people have oft been heard to say … if it is not broken then don’t fix it!]

The alert is just enough for me to stop said brain from staying in that frustrating over drive mode zone. It also gently reminds me to  wrap myself up in a warm fuzzy, to hang loose and to reiterate to myself that I need to slow down and that  it definitely does not matter if a mistake has just been made. Everything is fixable in some form or another.

 It’s the best device I have owned in a long, long time and it is working a treat. It has been stopping little Miss Worry Wort in her tracks big time. 

Who would have thought that the simple act of just being reminded [even it is by an electronic device] to stop and to give my unique DNA some loving thoughts rather than attacking it on all fronts,  would possibly be one of the best things to help me stop the mayhem that has been known in the past, to circulate in my brain ad nauseam.

It is a fantastic and wonderfully positive outcome for this little UNYOUNG JAM, so…

Until next time … I’m going outside.

If anyone asks where I am… I’m going to tell them to say “I’m out standing.”[LOL!]

Last night’s sunset.

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