TODAY’S ADVENTURE:  A new weekend has been and gone. Fun times have been happening and I check out whether I achieved my goals from last week.

JAM FACT:  Life is pretty good for this little UNYOUNG JAM.

Our COVID lock down is over. I for one am a little bit glad because my social life can resume again in earnest this week-Yeah! [Sorry to hear that Victoria you have another lock down – stay as safe as you can.]

The highlight for me last week was that I was stopped at the local Road Block. I thought we were just a mask wearing zone but no an actual legit reason was required to get through said Road Block and going to my weekly sewing outing was not deemed essential! Fancy that. Still let’s face it, that’s not something everyone could say was the highlight of their week – being embarrassingly blocked at a State Road Block.

So my planned social escapades for the week were seriously curtailed but this little UNYOUNG is not complaining as MY J and I created a new vegetable garden plot and it is now almost ready for the autumn vegetable seedling plantings. So all good here, in my part of the world.

Did I achieve last week’s goals – let’s see, that’s a YES to all but one.

  • I did read a book, only 350 pages in length and no it was not big print! A light read you would say but it ended happily so a definite plus [considering that I never, ever read a book these days that doesn’t end happily why am I surprised I picked that particular one to pass the time?!]
  • I did make a new dessert – well not strictly a dessert – a new orange cake recipe, not quite on the Heart Foundation recipe list but a big hit with MY J and seeing as he made me a new garden bed, I ask why not?
  • I did find an online Yoga course and I did do it. I discovered however that since my MR S episode I can no longer do downward dogs without discomfort so am onto looking for a version that is not quite as energetic!  
  • I did walk 50 kms over the week; in fact I managed 52 kms overall – nearly knocked myself out one day though – slept for two hours after walking 10,000 steps by 1 pm!
  • No I didn’t manage to snap a really, really good scenic shot but I reckon with good reason though – I stayed home because of COVID so only had the farm to entertain me and as it is summer there’s not much green around and I definitely couldn’t find [ wasn’t without trying…the 5o kms plus proves that] a shot that amazed me so it is on the goal for this week plus, finishing the flower section on my bird embroidery project,[thankfully doesn’t include any long and short bl—- stitch!] making a new dessert[an actual dessert this time,] walking over 50 kms for the week, winning a LOTTO prize… that means I need to buy a ticket and working out how to access the State Library online.

So am looking forward to a new COVID free week here in my part of the world. Where ever your part of the world is, I hope you are too.

Until next time – try to find some joy in the ordinary.

The spiders are back in my part of the world.

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