TODAY’S ADVENTURE: Out and about with the “new” camera.

JAM FACT: I like going out!

Since the new camera came into my life I have become much more observant of nature and all it has to offer and it is fair to say that I am constantly being surprised by all that I see around me. The bush adjacent to our house is full of creepy crawlies and it is interesting to watch the food chain in action as both small and large birds have much delight in devouring those very same crawlies.

A small mob of kangaroos are also delighting in the new lawn growth around the house which resulted from the last rains and the overall topdressing we gave it. Those new shoots must be a very tasty delight indeed if the numerous droppings left on the front lawn during the midnight feast happenings, are anything to go by.

This morning, whilst I was wandering one of the fence lines, there were four, huge [well the wing spans looked huge to me] hawks circling above one of our back paddocks. They didn’t swoop in the end, so obviously the prey wasn’t as good as it first looked but it would have been a great shot if I had been quick enough to get the camera out of the new, over the shoulder protective bag and had managed to turn it on in time. I spent at least several seconds admiring the hawks in action before it even registered that this would be a fantastic nature shot!

So note to self here…if I want to capture a really, really good nature snap I must; be more observant, be constantly aware of my surroundings and above all be proactive.

Reacting quickly and positively to spur of the moment situations…apart from me letting out a yelp or some other similar noise… has never been a forte of mine but I am challenging myself to up the ante because I am really keen to take with my new camera… not so new now seeing as I have had it for over 6 weeks [time sure does fly when you are having lots of snapping fun], an awesome ‘nature snap’ of the week.

Until next time … happy times happen if you make them happen.

This rose is looking pretty after a small shower this morning.
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