TODAY’S ADVENTURE: I discovered that I can solve a problem if I put my mind to it … even if it is only a simple one.

JAM FACT: I can be a teeny bit Tech Savvy – in UNYOUNG speak that is.

I desperately needed to find some way to tell my brain…especially the over active part that oft runs amok on this topic …that when I am in the middle of a shopping centre … to confirm that YES I HAVE locked the car and NO, I DO NOT have to walk all the way back out to the car park [I must admit it, it does add to the total steps I walk that day so that’s a plus] to check if I have locked it.

So onto my phone I went searching for and finding a suitable “thing” that fitted my humble brief. I didn’t need to consult with the Tech Savvy youngies on it either as I managed to work it out all by myself, so a definite tick to little UNYOUNG MOI!  

I’ve set it up; given it a test run whilst out socialising last week and surprise, surprise…it works! Here how it goes… I alight from the car, do a mental mantra of, bag[s], keys, lock, click the very ‘tech savvy thing’ on my phone and then off I happily go.

It’s very, very, basic I know [definitely no patent pending], takes me no more than 10 secs to activate and the best thing is, I have created for myself a successful checking system. So no more annoying and frustrating brain messages like…did you lock the car, shall I go back and check reminders, going round and round in my head interrupting and spoiling my shopping day spree.

I just have to quickly check on my phone to see if there  is a YES smiling back at me  and then it’s back to a relaxing shopping experience; hopefully with some serious make me happy retail therapy going on.

Of course it goes without saying that I must remember to take my phone with me but for the moment all is AOKAY in my part of the world, especially when my over active brain and I venture out into a shopping zone.

Until next time … Be creative. I found it was a really fun thing to do. 

Watching me have a very leisurely coffee with friends last week.
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