TODAY’S ADVENTURE: I learn a few more things about my camera online and I have been out trying to master those newly discovered features.

JAM FACT: I want to be a better photographer.

I discovered that my newly purchased camera in addition to the actual manual that was in the box has a free online tutorial that I could access now that I have registered said purchase and boy was that an enlightening experience. After two hours of watching and following a fairly intense ‘workshop’ on what my little camera can actually do, I did as was asked and selected a few features that I was comfortable to start with.

I have been operating on just the AUTO setting but now that I have added a few features to that, supposedly, if I get them right, they will enhance and progress the quality of my shots.

So, I have been out and about seriously practising the newly acquired info and to see if I can meet the challenge of taking a really, really good ‘snap of the week, ’i.e. one that improves on any that I have taken before. [All in the eye of the beholder of course but as they say nothing ventured, nothing gained. ] 

The concept of taking an ‘improved shot’ is still a work in progress and thankfully the week is not yet over so there is still plenty of time for this little UNYOUNG JAM to take a really eye catching snap. I am also buoyed along by some words that a friend of mine shared with me a day or so ago over a coffee and yes I couldn’t resist…a scone with freshly made fig jam to go with it. [I passed on adding a dollop of cream so that was a plus for the heart department]

The little pearl of wisdom was that you are never too old to take up a new hobby and neither are you too old to then develop that said hobby into something really special.

So this little UNYOUNG is giving the concept of taking my photos to a new level a red hot go.

My camera tutorial also said… you need to take lots of snaps before one really good one looks back at you.  So for the remainder of this week I will be out practising and looking forward to the magic moment of when I see my ‘snap of the week’ looking right back at me.

Until next time –have a great day.

The cafe where the ‘words of wisdom’ were imparted.

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