TODAY’S ADVENTURE: Have been out socialising , having fun and trying out my new camera settings.

JAM FACT: I like a Macchiato.

This week has seen me socialising with a capital S and I have had lots of fun, which included me ‘playing’ with my camera settings.

I promised myself I would concentrate… turns out that was easier said than done… on the finer points of how to take a good photograph. As my tutorial said – you have to take lots before one will jump out at you and say – good one UNYOUNG JAM.

Turns out I did take lots last week. [Just as well I purchased the large memory stick] I also had fun, after successfully downloading them onto my laptop, deleting 98% of those but that’s okay; it’s all in the name of me learning and improving my photography skills which I must admit were a tad basic to start with but happily I can now say, are in a very interesting and developing mode.

Out of the 120 I took on the new settings, I found two that I reckon are totally in focus and yes they did jump out at me when I saw them so I am calling them my ‘snaps of the week.’ The first is the bee swimming in the trough and the second is just of a gum flower but I think I actually nailed the focus of it quite well even if I say so myself.

I am looking forward to next week as I will be out Socialising again…at two venues that are new to me so I can hardly wait to see what I can successfully accomplish camera setting wise and what I end up choosing for my ‘snap of the week’.

My  UNYOUNG photographic life this week has without a doubt provided me with a lot of fun and so it is onwards and upwards.

Until next time…Stay safe.

I like the clarity of this, complete with some dappled light.
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