TODAY’S ADVENTURE: Socialising again – a great activity for my well being and for MY J’S in a roundabout sort of a way too.

JAM FACT: I love being by the sea.

Socialising is becoming the norm for me these days and I am so enjoying it.

From a birthday afternoon picnic tea whilst watching a very enjoyable cricket match on the picturesque South Perth foreshore to lunching with views to die for at the Marmion Angling club restaurant; both events brought much joy and happiness to this little UNYOUNG JAM.

Before yesterday’s lunch, I managed to take some [turns out some meant 64] snaps whilst walking along the sea front pathway. I love walking along the beachfront so taking numerous snaps of my surroundings definitely wasn’t a hardship but I am again reminded that you need to take lots before one actually jumps out at you and says …this is a good one! [I have classified the seagull pic as one that qualifies because of its clarity – something that escaped me up until new camera arrived, although getting things ‘just right’ is definitely still a work in progress.]

On my way home from the sea, I received a Red Alert from the RAC to advise of a storm approaching our home area [Not sure what colour MY J ‘S alert was but the message was clear just the same] and I pulled into the garage just as the first lot of lightning and thunder began and yes it was a storm; we have had an unbelievable amount of rain from it, for this time of year, 45 mls in the last 24 hours.

Just as well I wasn’t socialising today; it was definitely an indoors day but I will be back walking and lunching again tomorrow – not sure the venue will be conducive to any really good photos but we will see. It’s the socialising that is the important bit for me right now – for MY J too because it gives him a break from all my chattering and everyone that knows me knows I chat a lot!  

Until next time – enjoy all the joys that the season of AUTUMN brings in your part of the world.

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