JAM FACT: I am rendered speechless and that does NOT happen often. Even I recognise that as a fact.

My recent SEA…GULL snap has been recognised by the View bug community. I was literally speechless when I read their email. [I joined the group on a recommendation from a very talented local photographer/ writer/ illustrator and as a result have uploaded a few of my new camera photos on to their website.]

The seagull snap, for its clarity, took the administrators fancy [fancy that …exactly the reason why I bought the new camera] and I was asked to provide further details re camera lighting etc.

My reply was that I was totally out of my league re the technical details and I just thought that it looked like a good picture so I snapped it! Not sure that was the answer they were looking for but it was a very honest one.  

The photo may be featured along with other really, really good snaps in their monthly BLOG. It’s certainly not a worry in the least if I don’t make the cut; I’m just feeling pretty, pretty good that my seagull snap even caught their eye in the first place.

Until next time – life is full of little surprises so I say enjoy them to the max when they happen.

Saw this in a window and couldn’t resist taking a snap of it.