This ? with some bits missing from its wings, was having a lovely ‘floating time’ in the pool.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: New things abound in this little UNYOUNG JAM’S life.

JAM FACT: I like to do new things.

I continue to create new adventures for myself and this week was no exception.

I have always wanted to go to IKEA and I went with my very good friend G this very week. I had been down walking with a lovely group of former workmates along the foreshore at Floreat Beach – now there is a beautiful place to be; I can highly recommend that particular part of the world. The waters of the Indian Ocean and its various hues of blue were amazing to see.

The coffee afterwards was good but not nearly as good as the company.

Somehow, probably because this little UNYOUNG JAM said so, G and I ended up at IKEA. Thank goodness G was a good driver to follow, as this little country gal had not turned on her ‘savwoman’; I would have been at a total loss in the traffic otherwise.

I discovered what a big building and shop IKEA is. [Thank God for G who knew her way around] and it is fair to say that my eyes were on stalks for the whole ‘follow the arrow’ bit. I somehow managed to leave the building without the must have Swedish meat balls so methinks a leisurely stroll as a return customer will be on the agenda very soon.

So another new thing was added to my growing list to enjoy for the week; it also included a very productive visit to our local garden centre, a visit to a new cafe, a new recipe was found and tried AND given the thumbs up by MY J, a clean out of my summer wardrobe happened[yes over three years old and its in the out bag and yes that augers well for a buying new clothes outing ] I managed to walk 50 km for the week plus I have almost discovered the art of sitting quiet and still so that I can capture some really good [well in my opinion] nature snaps in my part of the world.

So a happy week was had by this little UNYOUNG JAM and next week’s diary is looking good too.

Until next time – may happiness and you be as one.

A new gum flower in the drive is out. No idea what sort it is but the tree is looking pretty nice just the same.

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