My first attempt at capturing a moving bird with my new camera.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: Life here in my part of the world happily rolls on.

JAM FACT: I’m a bit of a bird fan.

My camera has been busy in action as it has been a very busy time here at home – well animal wise that is.

Firstly our neighbour’s sheep are back in our front paddocks nibbling on the green shoots that are sprouting everywhere from the last rains and secondly the birds are all around us.

The black cockatoos – like a hundred or so have been here in abundance for the last couple of days; all squawking away and decimating my new rose shoots[ good pruning I suppose if I look on the bright side] and sampling all the new gum blossoms and also nibbling, then dropping the gum nuts to the ground. The nuts which are now to be found all over my walking trail are very hazardous when they meet this little UNYOUNG JAM’S walking shoes. One or two spills have occurred from me tripping and sliding on said nuts but luckily no major injuries have been sustained. Obviously I’m getting much better at falling over and protecting myself these days!

The parrots, also in abundance, are having their very own field day nibbling on the new olives. I would have thought as they have only just started fruiting, that they would be a bit tart but clearly the parrots think otherwise as only the olive seeds are to be found on the ground.

 I am enjoying observing all the bird life that is happening around me and very soon it will be my favourite birds turn to reappear, the beautiful Red Breasted Robin. They have always loved the back garden bird bath and their antics in it are a sight to see; so roll on April, the usual time for their annual visit.

So it appears that the busy bird life time here in my part of the world is definitely not going to disappear anytime soon and that makes me very happy because this little UNYOUNG JAM finds birds to be such delightful creatures to observe and if I manage to stay very quiet and very still, I can actually succeed in taking a snap or two of them.

Until next time – the sun is shining in my part of the world so what more could I want.

Sampling the olives in the back yard.
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