On display at a favourite shop of our xxx group.


JAM FACT: I love Easter chocolate.

The Easter holiday break for those of us, who celebrate/recognise it, is now upon us.

I for one am pretty excited about all that it entails; especially the following two eating treats.  

Have sampled several, or should I be honest here and say ‘lots’ of Hot Cross Buns and have had to reorder another batch for our traditional, Good Friday morning feast. I love the Hot Cross Bun Season. I should make some myself but I’m afraid I’m a bit lazy where that is concerned. Plus I can easily console myself by saying why bother when we have such a good bakery in town who makes us very yummy ones.[Am still resisting the ones with choc pieces in, so I say good one UNYOUNG JAM!]

I have already eaten my Easter egg[ convinced MY J to hand it over early] and what a treat it was too… love Easter chocolate, so had to request another be purchased as I couldn’t possibly be without one for Easter Sunday. I note that a bigger package is now in the fridge so I look forward to the handover and then eating it little by little [or maybe big by big if it is my very favourite type!].

So wherever you are and whatever you do may a HAPPY EASTER HOLIDAY be enjoyed by you and yours.

Until next time – stay safe.

A peaceful scene that I came upon whilst visiting Guildford.
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