Lovely Autumn skies and clouds here at home.


JAM FACT: I love everlasting flowers.

MY J and I annually take a drive to see what I think, are some of the best wildflowers in the world. It’s only a short drive…couple of hours… north, south or east from here, for us to discover and admire these unique flowers that grow so well in our WA ‘bush/scrub’ areas.  

I have two favourite wildflowers.

My absolute favourite is without a doubt, the Wreath flower, found mostly in the gravelly areas of our mid west. When the plant blooms, in amongst the green leaves of the plant itself you see all these little red /pink flowers which when they open together turn the plant into a striking wreath design. The ‘wreaths’ were/are a bucket list item of mine and despite the fact that MY J takes me to see them most years, I still want to go back to see them time and time again; I personally think the plant is without a doubt one of nature’s best.

Coming in at a very close second are the pink and white everlastings that grow in masses and end up looking like a carpet of flowers. It’s always such a beautiful sight to see them spreading across the landscape.

 I have tried many times to replicate that ‘whole mass carpet look’ here at home but I have only ever succeeded in producing a ‘mat size’ of flowers and a small mat at that but none the less that area of the garden always looks a picture come springtime. I plant them every Easter and this year is no exception; the seeds are now in the ground so in a few months time the flower heads will all open and make this year’s ‘everlasting mat’ happen[must remember to take a pic with new camera this year.]

Our annual wildflower drive is planned for late August [COVID permitting]. Fingers crossed that it can happen as WA wildflowers when they are in full bloom are a fantastic sight to see.

Until next time – have a great week.

My ‘Double Delight ‘ rose has double delighted itself!
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