These butterflies are enjoying the gum blossoms.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: None of the photos I have submitted so far have made the cut for being featured on the ABC photos of the week site.

JAM FACT: I need to get better at taking photos that suit the ABC brief.

I set myself [within thirty days] the target of one of my pictures being selected and featured as part of the ABC photo of the week site; the idea was to spur me on to learn more about the art of photography!

Despite the fact that I have learned more about the camera’s light features and I have been happily snapping away using said knowledge, my self imposed ABC deadline is now up and it’s a NO, a pic of mine has not been featured…so far.

An unrealistic time line – probably!

Cheeky of me – probably that too.

Cheeky indeed when I know I am up against some seriously professional photographers who I have heard submit lots before one is featured; so it’s definitely cheeky with a capital C for me to even think I could snap something worthy of selection when I am still pretty much a grassroots photographer PLUS I have only submitted three snaps so far. What was I thinking!

But this little UNYOUNG JAM is undeterred and most definitely has not given up on being ABC selected just yet; Am now just not putting a timeline on as to when I will  achieve said target – that way I can keep happily snapping away. [Note to self… I will need to be more realistic and submit more than just three photos to the site if I want to see one of my pics featured.]

Until next time – if you are in WA’s current “cyclone” territory – stay safe.

This tree at the front gate is now in full bloom. Such a picture it makes.

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