Northam Flour Mill mural and Avon River

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: I have had to pinch myself to prove it is for real and not one of my fantasies gone wrong.  

JAM FACT: I am a very happy UNYOUNG most of the time.

There is a well known saying, I had to pinch myself to make sure it was true and this very week I had to do exactly that whilst standing, no doubt with my mouth agape, in a local jewellers shop like I was literally ‘caught in headlights.’ Yes this little UNYOUNG JAM was rendered speechless.

Scenario: A few weeks ago I left a piece of jewellery at the local jewellers to have a minor repair done. The piece was subsequently packed up and sent off site for the repairs to happen in Perth. The transporting vehicle with my jewellery piece and others on board was hi jacked and robbed. How coincidental is that!

I was unaware of the incident until I happily sailed into the shop this week expecting to collect said piece [ a sentimental one at that] and the Manager starts telling me in sort of hushed tones about the recent “heist” and I stand there thinking … is this for real? I pinch myself to make sure and yes it is for real.

The vehicle involved in ‘my heist’ went on to rob several other stores and despite Police efforts the vehicle and persons responsible are still apparently ‘on the run’. I even remember the story about the spate of robberies happening in the Perth suburbs featuring on our local TV news recently!

So my jewellery piece has been unluckily lost forever – probably circulating on e bay as I write but no, Police and I have already checked that avenue – well obviously the Police have a more sophisticated approach than I have but even their searches have come up with zilch.

I’m not sure that I remained cool, calm and collected whilst I was standing mutely in the shop being told of the loss but as good old insurance has come to the rescue, I guess all I have to say is that, as there are heaps of worse things that could have happened to me this week, all is pretty much A Okay in my part of the world.  

So for this little usually very talkative [unless another similar scenario occurs] UNYOUNG JAM, I just thank my lucky stars that I am here to tell the tale so it is onwards and upwards I go.

Until next time – Laugh, they say it is good for the soul.

P.S. I am going to have a break from posting my latest photos on Facebook [having a few page issues, no make that quite a lot that this little tech savvy UNYOUNG JAM is unable at this point to resolve with Facebook] but you can always find me here on my unyoungisfun.com blog website.  You can also contact me via email at unyoungjam70@gmail.com if it takes your fancy too.

Found parked in the main street of Northam.
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