This Red Wattle Bird is enjoying the blossoms at the front gate.

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: Another week bites the dust.

JAM FACT: My life is never dull.

Another week is over and I have had fun in more ways than one!

I discover this past week that I am definitely not Tech Savvy… have been locked out of Facebook, including Messenger [well to be technically correct, shut down] because I tried to change the registered date of my birth… long story as to why…so it advised me that I had breached Facebook security rules! To get back on, I have to send them a copy of my birth certificate. Well I have told them no, that is not our agreed security check in – so we are at a stalemate. All I can say is that I am seriously engaged in some strong emails with Facebook. At least it is keeping me amused!

Am hoping for a more, non eventful week coming up.

Until next time… saw these words whilst sitting waiting for our flu vaccines to not cause a reaction and thought…yes UNYOUNG JAM definitely NO weed growing for you this coming week.

Your mind is a garden; your thoughts are the seeds.

You can grow flowers OR you can grow weeds.

Enjoy your week everyone.

My Correa flower buds are about to all burst open.
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