The Red Tailed Carnabys love this blossom and the nuts!

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: My Red Breasted Robin delights me with his return.

JAM FACT: I have always been a fan of “Robin Red Breasts.”

The birds around here of late have been in abundance. It’s great to see and this little UNYOUNG JAM knows the names of about 75 % of them and that is an achievement in itself…mind you I did check with my friend G who is a bit of a bird lover and connoisseur etc as to the name of one plus I unearthed my old ‘What Bird is That? Book to check on a couple too, so that is the real reason I know about ¾ of them.

The best bit is that my favourite bird is back for the season – the Red Breasted / Scarlet Robin. He and his partner are flitting in and around the gums up by the shed. They are such busy little birds to watch and their bright red chests make them a real stand out in my book.

For the past week, we have also had a flock of Red Tailed Carnabys spending time in the gums by the shed. I have been trying to capture a shot of them but to no avail. All I have achieved is a crick in the neck from looking up whilst trying to capture that perfect shot plus a bit of a sore head where I was hit by a couple of gum nuts from their ‘dropping activity’.

Still I am not giving up on capturing a really good shot of least one of the birds enjoying our bush surroundings just yet.

I am not usually a bird watcher and certainly have not as yet become a ‘Twitcher’; however with all that I am seeing around me here on a daily basis, I can’t help but take the time to stop and take an even closer look at all the different birds that are choosing to spend time right here in my part of the world. And who knows one of them may sit still long enough for me to take a really good pic of them.

Until next time…I think it appropriate for me to end with the old proverb … a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.  

My nasturtiums are just starting to come into flower.
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