One of the two twin orphans MY J is bottle feeding at the moment. I quite like this pic!

TODAY’S ADVENTURE: We are in lockdown mode again. In a funny sort of a way I don’t mind lockdowns because I catch up on quite a lot of gardening when I can’t go anywhere.

JAM FACT: Still like looking for ‘interesting things’ to take snap shots of.

Am currently confined to home for three days…at this stage…although strictly speaking our Region is not in the lockdown zone but as the places I like to haunt are in the zone, I rescheduled some of the gardening jobs that were on my must do before too much longer list.  

First up was some easy weeding; not too hard a job first up otherwise these little Unyoung muscles will ‘seize up’ and we can’t have that. Whilst I was pulling out some of those so called easy weeds I was also on the lookout for some opportunities for a happy gardening snap so that I could say to myself…wow, that’s a really good shot UNYOUNG JAM but sadly so far, no such event has occurred[although I think I came close with the above lamb pic] but I remain ever hopeful that I will manage to snap something really interesting soon, especially as I have two more full lockdown days to go.  

Two more days, with the weather being absolutely glorious here in my part of the world is going to whizz by in no time and better still the garden by the end of it, will be looking pretty nice even if I say so myself.

Until next time … stay safe.

I like this pic too. Lots of these butterflies are still happily fluttering around in the rose garden.
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